Pierre Duret
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A durable friendship

When Pierre Duret sold his wine estate to Domaine Joseph Mellot, not only was he willing to pass on his land but he was also eager to transmit and share his knowledge and passion for wine that both Domaines had been sharing for years.

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A rigorous know-how

Today, and in keeping with the spirit of this friendship, Catherine Corbeau Mellot and her team continue to craft the wines of Domaine Pierre Duret, preserving the added touch of soul that characterises them. Drawing upon generations of expertise, an exacting and authentic wine is produced whose quality is unique.

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A strong and responsible commitment

The vineyards of Domaine Pierre Duret extend across a plateau of the river Cher. They are well exposed and their light, sandy, gravelly soils warm rapidly in the sun. The fourteen hectares of vineyards are managed according to the principles of sustainable viticulture, respecting the environment and the terroirs.

The Domaine’s committed approach to responsible and sustainable viticulture has led it to be awarded the HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certification, a label of excellence and respect for the environment.

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A unique terroir…a unique wine!

The vineyards of Quincy are the cradle of Sauvignon Blanc, which is the only grape variety grown in the appellation. The Sauvignon Blanc grape reaches optimal maturity in the vineyards of Domaine Pierre Duret, where the attributes of a unique terroir are transformed into a singular wine.

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