Quincy et Reuilly
Joseph Mellot - QUINCY (1)
A true gustatory journey

Situated to the west of Bourges at the heart of the Central-Loire Valley appellations of Quincy and Reuilly, Domaine Jean-Michel Sorbe offers a singular journey in taste.

The Domaine is located among the oldest appellations in France. Its geographical situation, its terroir and the vineyard work in accordance with the principles of sustainable viticulture give an added dimension to its character.

Joseph Mellot - REUILLY (4)
A domaine full of history

In 1999, after ten years of close collaboration, Domaine Joseph Mellot took over the Jean-Michel Sorbe vineyard. While the name was preserved to perpetuate its history, a new international stimulus was given to the estate.

Joseph Mellot - QUINCY (3)
An authentic know-how

Catherine Corbeau Mellot and her team continue to honour the history, tradition and superb terroirs of Quincy and Reuilly, applying authentic savoir-faire to produce the very finest of wines. irs.

Joseph Mellot - QUINCY (2)
A responsible agriculture

The Domaine Jean-Michel Sorbe vineyards are situated in the Reuilly and Quincy appellations. The vines are worked according to the principles of sustainable and responsible viticulture, respecting the soils, the terroirs and the biodiversity. For this reason, in 2017 the Domaine obtained Level 2 Environmental Certification.


Joseph Mellot - SAUVIGNON (3)
Gourmet ...

The vineyards of Quincy are the cradle of Sauvignon Blanc. The vines are pruned to produce grapes that ensure wine of the very highest quality and taste with the utmost freshness, finesse and elegance.


Joseph Mellot - D8C_4841
... and authentic wines!

In the vineyards of Reuilly, the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grapes are given full expression, producing authentic wines of great quality.

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