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Wine, always a good gift idea

Tasting a good wine always guarantees a moment of pleasure and of sharing. Likewise, you can never go wrong when choosing wine as a gift. Wine is a celebration!

At the dawn of this new year, 2020, rest assured that wine is a pleasure appreciated as much by women as by men of taste.

During this festive season, the occasions to please oneself are multiplied…to indulge your loved ones, friends, neighbors, colleagues, you can never go wrong with a bottle of Sancerre, Mentou-Salon, Pouilly-Fumé…  If they live in Centre-Loire, they will be pleased to receive a bottle from our beautiful wine region where Sauvignon expresses itself like nowhere else. And if they are on the other side of the country or the world, you will make it possible for them to go on a gustatory voyage that will lead them to beautifully discover the wines of Centre-Loire.

Ready-made gift cases or tailor-made

In our Sancerre boutique, La Vigne et le Vin, we have a large selection of our wines available. Florian and Sébastien will welcome you and advise you on your purchases.

Whether it’s a bottle to accompany a rare dish or a dish cooked with love, a gift case for a dinner invitation, or to create your gourmet basket composed of wines and terroir products that are the pride of our region, or to complete a collection by choosing a wine for aging that will join the cellar of its lucky owner… You will find inspiration in our beautiful boutique adorned with holiday decorations.

To really make an impression, you may opt for one of our grand Sancerre cuvées.

Why not L’Original in its beautiful serigraph printed bottle, a true hymn to terroir, an imprint of elegance and finesse? Or La Grande Châtelaine, a prestige cuvée deploying a magnificent aromatic palette, or also La Cuvée Pierre-Etienne, a rich and elegant wine? Unless you would prefer a red Sancerre with character, like Le Connétable or a rich and structured Menetou-Salon like Le Clos du Pressoir. Present in all the appellation of Centre-Loire, the house of Joseph Mellot offers a wide selection that will meet all tastes and all desires.

About the art of tasting

Alongside our bottles, you will be seduced by our selection of accessories for the serving and tasting of wine: our excellent quality glasses, perfect for our white and red wines, our coolers, practical for all seasons to keep wines fresh for when they are served, our beautiful decanters which enhance the pleasure of tasting… Wonderful gift ideas, practical and esthetic, to make each tasting a successful moment!


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