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Domain life

Wenceslas Soreau, cellar manager at Jean-Michel Sorbe and Pierre Duret estates

Contrary to what his first name might suggest, Wenceslas does not have a Polish origin. He is the third and youngest of siblings from Chinon, and his parents chose an original name for him, that’s all. But it is a question he has been asked hundreds of times.

Coming from a family that has included several generations of women and men with a background in wine, he too obtained a BTS degree in viticulture-enology in 1997. His internships led him to Reuilly, then to Quincy, where he made his first vinification, in the late 90’s. He then spent 3 years in Chinon, with a company specializing in the filtration and bottling of wines, thus offering him the perfect mastery of what was his only missing link.

It was then that he joined the House of Joseph Mellot, which was about to inaugurate the Jean-Michel Sorbe winery in Brinay and Le Sentier du Vin, the educational course associated with it. He was hired as a cellar manager and made the first vinifications in 2002.

Since then, vintage after vintage, he transforms each harvest into delicious wines from Quincy and Reuilly.

At the end of summer, having determined with the vineyard manager the perfect ripeness for the grapes, he enters the scene as soon as the grapes arrive in the cellar. He then proceeds to the winemaking and aging of each cuvée until they leave to the best wine cellars and tables of Quincy, white or rosé Reuilly lovers… For almost two decades now, he has loved this wine region of Centre-Loire, especially the Quincy and Reuilly appellations, where day after day he renews the art of revealing the best of grape varieties and their terroirs, producing righteous and sincere wines.

6 questions for Wenceslas Soreau:  

Your first memory related to the vine?

When I was barely 10 years old, I remember the manual harvest at my uncle’s house in Chinon. The atmosphere was great, and I remember the amazing table set out at lunchtime for the harvesters, and the banquet at the end of the harvest, it was all very festive. 

Your favourite season in Centre-Loire?

Winter. In Cher, we are lucky enough to see snow fall almost every year. The landscapes of snowy vineyards always amaze me, I find it beautiful and magical.

Your favourite place in Centre-Loire?

I really like Bourges, its historical built heritage which I find truly charming.

Your favorite cuvée?

The Reuilly Rosé, because it always captivates and surprises. Few people know that it is made from Pinot Gris, and it is a pleasure to have them discover this wine.

Your favorite wine pairing?

To please me every time, offer me a dozen oysters from Marennes Oléron, with a glass of Quincy Jean-Michel Sorbe!   

Your daily eco-responsible gesture?

I prefer home-made products: at home, we avoid store bought ready-to-eat food as much as possible… we make our own yoghurts for example.

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