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Rosé: how to taste the trendiest wine of the summer?

Floral and fruity notes, freshness and minerality, lightness and a lengthy mouthfeel… rosé displays a superb diversity as do the wines of the Joseph Mellot domaine!

In a few years, rosé has become the most popular drink of the summer. It has won acclaim and is now found at the finest gastronomic scenes…it has become the symbol of the art of the French aperitif, and it pairs harmoniously with numerous dishes.
Here are some tips for savoring the trendiest wine of the summer.

How to serve rosé?

Rosé is a wine of pleasure, slightly tannic and easy to taste!
The ideal serving temperature is between 8 and 12°C.
It will highlight the freshness and all the aromas of your rosé!

When to serve rosé?

All throughout the meal!

Acclaimed by Wine Enthusiast, the Sancerre rosé “Le Rabault” is a very seductive gastronomic rosé suitable for both your summer salads and fruity desserts!

Which dishes to pair your summer rosé with?

A Barbecue?

It is the Pinot noir or gris wines that will make the most beautiful alliances!

Thus, the rosé “Destinea, fresh and supple on the palate, or the Reuilly “Jean-Michel Sorbe, given a bronze medal at the Wines of Bourges competition, goes perfectly with beautiful cuts of grilled beef.

Fish or seafood?

With a fish terrine, grilled fish or seafood…taste the Reuilly Rosé “La Muse“!
Silver medalist at the competition Concours de Ligers in 2018, it is appreciated as much for its nose as for its white fruit aromatic mouthfeel.

A nice cheese plate?

With a beautiful length of remarkable freshness, the Reuilly Rosé “La Muse“ will also reveal itself over a cheese platter.
Crottin de chavignol, emmental and camembert are its best companions!

A sweet and salty or exotic dish?

Finally, a less known but remarkable quality: rosé is an ideal wine for Asian cuisine.
The ample and graceful mouth of Chateaumeillant cuvée “Comte de Barcelone“ will sublime all pairings with even the most exotic sweet and salty dishes.
In addition, with its delicious delicacy notes, this rosé will enchant all the last courses of your summer meals.

Have an excellent tasting!


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