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Portrait of Catherine Corbeau-Mellot

Catherine Corbeau-Mellot has presided over the destiny of the Joseph Mellot House since 2005. Before being the energy-packed business manager that she is, she was already in charge of all aspects of marketing and communication alongside her husband, Alexandre Mellot.

She is the mother of two boys, Adrien and Armand, who are now pursuing further graduate studies, preparing to join her in a few years to continue the story of the House.

Optimistic and voluntary by nature, she passionately perpetuates the work of the winemaking family to which she has belonged to for more than 30 years. She puts humanity at the heart of her concerns. She is faithful and her team is too in return: several of her key collaborators have been with her for a long time. This is the case, for example, of the vineyard manager. But this does not stop her from holding everyone to the upmost standards.

Responsible and committed, she has for long carried out numerous actions to protect the environment and its biodiversity, to rationalize work in vineyards and cellars, to reduce the environmental impact of the activity generated by the Joseph Mellot House. It was she who initiated the Iso14001 certification of the winery since 2009, up to the Haute Valeur Environnementale certification obtained in 2019.

For her, it is essential to preserve environmental investments and develop the company, passing it on, when the time comes, to her two sons.

Very active locally, and strongly attached to the wine region of the Centre-Loire, Catherine Corbeau-Mellot initiated, in 2015, the creation of the Dames du Coeur de Loire, which today brings together over thirty women, all involved in the regional wine sector. This association aims to promote and valorize all working profiles in the vine and wine industry, and helps to maintain the environmental, landscape, architectural and cultural heritage of the Centre-Loire vineyards. The Dames du Coeur de Loire is among the 10 associations united at a national level by the Cercle des Femmes de Vin created in 2009.

5 questions for Catherine Corbeau-Mellot:

Your first memory related to the vine or wine?

It is a joyful memory, which goes back to my early childhood, with my paternal grandfather, in the family vineyards, during the harvest. 

Your favourite season in Centre-Loire?

I love them all. But autumn is my favorite. Firstly because the annual harvest has passed, but also because the landscapes in this season offer us incredible shimmering lights on the hillsides.

Your daily eco-responsible gesture?

I systematically collect every cork that crosses my path, because we collect them and then entrust them to the ILM which recycles them! I do it at home, in the cellar, at wine fairs, but also at friends’… and I encourage everyone around me to do the same.

Your favourite cuvée?

It depends on the time of day. I gladly appreciate enjoying a glass of Quincy as an aperitif. For special occasions, I often opt for our distinct vintage L’Original, a grand white Sancerre from the Joseph Mellot collection.

Your favourite wine pairing?

A piece of aged Comté with a glass of white Sancerre, cuvée la Grande Châtelaine.

Your favourite place in Centre-Loire?

An aperitif ride on the Loire, aboard the Raboliot; it is a real reward after a good day’s work. I often invite our visitors to see how beautiful our region is and how good it is to live here. It is a traditional sand transporting boat adapted for rides, designed by Sylvain, an enthusiast.


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