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Pinot Noir in Centre-Loire

The Centre-Loire wine region is world-renowned for its fine wines made from Sauvignon Blanc. However, several AOCs also produce red and rosé wines, made from the predominant red grape variety grown in this region:  Pinot Noir, which covers 16% of the vineyards from Centre-Loire. Like sauvignon blanc, this variety is a very good ambassador of the terroirs it grows in.

Originally from Burgundy, it is a historic grape variety, at the origin of the family of Noiriens, which comprises several grapes including Chardonnay and Gamay. Pinot Noir is easily recognizable by its small, compact pinecone shaped clusters. Its tight grapes are covered with a velvety skin, fine and delicate, of blue-black color with purple highlights. And beneath its dark skin, a white flesh that produces a sweet juice.

In Sancerre, Menetou-Salon and Reuilly, it is vinified alone, whereas for the wines of Coteaux du Giennois and Châteaumeillant, it is assembled with Gamay.

Thus, Sancerre creates red and rosé wines of great finesse. Joseph Mellot is producing several red Sancerre cuvées and one rosé Sancerre, all made from Pinot Noir grapes grown using reasoned agriculture, certified with Haute Valeur Environnementale since 2019.

Our Red Sancerre Le Rabault is made from 100% Pinot Noir from vineyards located on clay-limestone terroirs. Matured in stainless steel vats, with its fine and silky tannins combined with the freshness of Pinot Noir, it presents a balanced mouth with enjoyable volume and beautiful structure.

Our prestige cuvée Le Connétable is made from Pinot Noir grown on clay-limestone hillsides and matured during 10 months in oak barrels from our region. It offers a silky mouth, with a splendid volume and superb freshness that gives it a beautiful potential for ageing.

Our Rosé Sancerre Le Rabault is obtained by direct pressing and maturation on lees in stainless steel vats. With its generous and fresh mouth with notes of strawberries and raspberries, it is a thirst-quenching wine, lively and pleasant, perfect for an aperitif and meals.

At Domaine des Emois, using organic farming, Pinot Noir gives a very balanced red Sancerre, with an aromatic finesse that pleasantly expresses the combination of the Pinot Noir grape variety with its clay-limestone terroir.

In AOC Reuilly, on complementary terroirs made up of marls, gravel and sand, Pinot Noir produces generous and aromatic red wines. Nevertheless, the Reuilly rosés are made from Pinot Gris, giving them their originality.

From the homogeneous terroir of the AOC Menetou-Salon, with its sedimentary limestone structure very rich in shells, Pinot Noir reveals fruity red and rosé wines, full of life.

Pinot Noir is assembled with Gamay in the Coteaux-du-Giennois appellation to produce red and rosé wines. It is the same blend at Châteaumeillant, which produces delicate red wines, with red fruit aromas, slightly spicy, and fresh elegant rosés with a beautiful aromatic finesse.

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