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Laurent Goussard : Vineyard manager for the House of Joseph Mellot

It is impossible to walk in the vineyards without crossing paths with him, whether in Sancerre or on the side of Pouilly-Fumé, Quincy or Reuilly… Laurent Goussard has been caring for the vineyard for more than 20 years.

Coming from an agricultural family in the region, he started to work as soon as he obtained his agriculture degree.  Upon his return from his military service, he joined an agricultural and wine cooperative in Menetou-Salon, where he discovered the professions of being a wine merchant and enologist, then sometime later, a vigneron in Quincy.

There he met Alexandre Mellot, who had just taken over the Pierre Duret estate; it was 1996, and Alexandre entrusted him with the management of this 5-hectare vineyard. The two men get along  very  well, and a climate of trust develops between them. Alexandre Mellot transmits his richness in know-how inherited from his forefathers, and Laurent is perfectly autodidact. Until 2000, Laurent tended to the vineyards and winery of the Pierre Duret estate, thus beginning his long collaboration within the Joseph Mellot House, which expanded with the acquisition of the Jean-Michel Sorbe estate in AOC Quincy and Reuilly.

In the early 2000s, Alexandre suggests for Laurent to join him in Sancerre. Very quickly, Laurent found himself as the vineyard manager for all the vineyards of the Joseph Mellot House. With the premature passing of Alexandre in 2005, it was natural for Laurent to stay alongside Alexandre’s wife, Catherine Corbeau-Mellot, who succeeded him.

“The vine is like a child”  

To talk about the vine with Laurent is to see an immediate smile on his face; he loves his job, as much as sharing his know-how and passion. Explaining what motivates his choices and actions to his teams day after day is something that Laurence takes to heart.

For him, the vine is like a child: we watch her grow, we accompany her, we guide her, we take care of her, we heal her when she is sick and we rejoice in seeing her evolve in the right direction.

Laurent is not about excesses. For him, all the art of viticulture lies in careful observation, the interpretation of this daily observation, and the intervention when it is necessary, in good proportion.

Laurent never tires of accompanying the vegetative cycle of the vines and is driven day after day to achieve his goal: to bring in with each harvest beautiful grapes that will give good wines! For more than 20 years he has been dedicated to the House of Joseph Mellot, striving for maintaining biodiversity and managing all vineyards under a reasoned agriculture, certified by Haute Valeur Environnementale in 2019.

5 questions to Laurent Goussard:

Your favourite season in Centre-Loire?

I love them all, but when I think about it, it is autumn. This season reveals incredible colors, which evolve over the days and even over the hours.

Your favourite place in Centre-Loire?

I like to walk around the peak of Sancerre. Each slope offers unique panoramas, all beautiful, with vineyards, the Loire, its relief and the horizon… I also appreciate the vineyard of Pouilly-Fumé and its superb views over the river. 

Your favourite cuvée?

The Quincy Clos de la Victoire!

Your favourite wine pairing?

A Quincy with a goat cheese, my favorite “vigneron sandwich”, my guilty pleasure.

Your daily eco-responsible gesture?

Respect for nature: observation, interpretation, and fair intervention.


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