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In May, do as you please… at the table!

With the arrival of spring, a whole gourmet world awakens again. Seasonal produce delights us, from the vegetable garden to the ocean, while in the pastures, the soft grass gives way to such a good taste of the milk from these first warm days. The wines of Centre-Loire are also in the spotlight, as they marvelously accompany all these good spring products.

As an aperitif, newly harvested, delectable, and crunchy vegetables will escort a glass of Reuilly rosé, a white wine, or a nice and light red wine. Pink radishes and carrot sticks, plain or dipped in fresh cheese with fresh herbs, will go especially well with a glass of Quincy Jean-Michel Sorbe. As an aperitif for big occasions, let yourself be tempted by a beautiful white Sancerre l’Original, one of our exceptional cuvées!

On the side of the tides, the scallops are gone since their fishing is now forbidden since May 15. Nature however knows best, and to console us, langoustines and spider crabs are at their prime. To accompany them, you may choose from Joseph Mellot either a white Sancerre La Chatellenie with its beautiful expression of Sauvignon Blanc imbued with minerality and elegance, produced on the renowned flint-clay terroir or a Pouilly-Fumé  from Domaine  des Mariniers, unless you prefer a Menetou-Salon blanc Le Clos du Pressoir, all made from an environmentally certified viticulture with Haute Valeur Environnementale.

The vegetable garden is no exception. If it is already the end of green asparagus that we enjoyed with a white Reuilly Jean-Michel Sorbe during their short season, we welcome with open arms the first Charentais melons. Whether you like melon at the beginning of a meal, served with a fragrant dry ham, or prefer it in a fruit salad, you will opt for a Reuilly rosé Jean-Michel Sorbe, whose originality is in its Pinot Gris grape variety.

To sublimate your lamb navarin accompanied by its array of fresh vegetables, carrots, potatoes, turnips, and gourmet peas, you will opt for a Pinot Noir from Menetou-Salon Le Clos du Pressoir.  It is also a good time to feast on a milk lamb, which gladly calls for a red Sancerre Le Connétable.

Spring is also the season of fresh cheeses, especially goat cheese, including the famous Chavignol AOP so recognized in our beautiful Centre-Loire region. A perfect match with our organic white Sancerre Les Emois.

Finally, thanks to early Gariguettes, strawberries make a remarkable starter for our meals, to everyone’s happiness. France grows a large number of varieties, more or less sweet and acidulous; all which go with a nice wine from Pinot Noir, whether it’s our Sancerre rosé or red Joseph Mellot Le Rabault or a rosé from Reuilly la Muse from the Jean-Michel Sorbe estate. For those rhubarb lovers which their first stems give us irrepressible cravings for gourmet pies, we will prefer the Coteaux-du-Giennois La Gaupière.

In short, in spring, the Centre-Loire wine region reveals the advantages of its fine wines by escorting all seasonal products. Don’t hesitate to check out our online store.

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