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The history of this vineyard, formerly known as Quincacius, dates back to the end of the 1st century. The archaeological discovery of a large quantity of grape seeds on these historical lands is evidence of ancient vine cultivation. Cited by Callixte II as early as the 12th century, then mentioned in a donation in the Merovingian era, the vineyards of Quincy are certainly some of the oldest in the region. It is partially in recognition of this that Quincy obtained the first AOC label of the Central-Loire Valley vineyards in 1936.

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Terroirs and climate

Situated above the banks of the river Cher, the appellation benefits from light, sandy, gravelly soils that warm quickly in the sun. The alchemy of this particular soil means it drains excess water while retaining sufficient moisture to withstand dry periods.

The vineyard benefits from a relatively dry local climate, with very low rainfall. The winters are cool with average temperatures of 0 to 5°C, while the summers are warm and dry with average temperatures of 27°C.

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Grape variety

The sole grape variety in the appellation, Sauvignon Blanc, achieves optimal maturity here due to the suitability of the exceptional terroir. This produces wines that are unrivalled in taste, representing an exquisite expression of the terroir. The white wines are wonderfully crisp, fresh and aromatic, with notes of tropical fruit on the palate leading to an enchanting, harmonious finale.