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The archaeological discovery of a large number of amphorae destined for the Mediterranean wine trade provides evidence that the Chateaumeillant vineyards predate the 5th century. Medieval charters and the writings of Grégoire de Tours also mention the vineyard, its regulations and the marketing of its wines in the 13th century. But it was in the French Second Empire that the vineyard reached its peak, covering an area of 1,200 hectares. It was subsequently devastated by the phylloxera crisis in the 19th century. Today Chateaumeillant is reputed for its famous “gris” (grey) wine, vinified from the Gamay grape variety. The appellation obtained AOC status in 2010.

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Terroirs and climate

The Chateaumeillant vineyards are spread across two administrative departments (Cher and Indre) and 7 communes (Chateaumeillant, Saint-Maur, Vesdun, Champillet, Feusilles, Nére and Urciers) at an altitude of 250 metres above sea level. The vines are planted on a terroir with very distinct characteristics, composed of siliceous soils that are mainly sandy and clayey.

Although the vineyard is located in the foothills of the Massif Central, the climate remains oceanic and temperate, benefiting from relatively mild temperatures in winter.

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Grape varieties

Made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes, the irresistible red wines are supple and fruity, with aromas of ripe red fruits, a hint of spice, and a beautiful structure. The “grey” rosés, also made from Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes, are crisp and fresh on the palate with white fruit aromas that melt away into a subtle, sweet and generous finish.

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