Quality and environment

ISO 14001

Joseph Mellot was the 1st winery in the Central Loire Valley to receive ISO 14001 certification in June 2009.


This international standard applies to all types of organisations, regardless of their size or activity. It is based on the continual improvement of environmentally sound practices through an integrated environmental management approach. 


"We believe that the continued growth and development of our company is only possible if we work in harmony with the environment. We have chosen to formalise our environmentally conscious approach in order to provide appropriate training and raise environmental awareness among all of the people we work with. The ISO14001 standard is an environmental benchmark, permitting us to set objectives and incorporate an overall concern for the environment in every aspect of production from the vine to the consumer.Receiving ISO14001 certification marks our success in achieving those objectives in every aspect of our work and reinforces our commitment to constantly improve our practices. The ISO14001 certification awarded to Joseph Mellot underlines our commitment to corporate citizenship and sustainable development.” Catherine Corbeau Mellot, President.


Joseph Mellot is committed to: 

- Recycling of all packaging and waste from both the supplies we use (dry materials) and from the production process itself.

- Reducing electricity consumption, water consumption, and processes that emit CO2

- Carbon footprint assessment for the main sources of emissions.