Quality and environment

Sustainable viticulture

Our environmentally friendly approach begins in the vineyards where we’ve made a deliberate choice to practise environmentally conscious viticulture. This approach is similar to organic viticulture, although a significant difference is that we intervene to treat certain diseases such as mildew. When a disease problem is identified, we select a treatment method that is appropriate to the scale of the problem. This has enabled us to reduce tractor movement between the vines by half, resulting in a soil that is less compacted and less affected by copper seepage. As a result our carbon footprint is reduced.”  Norbert Buchonnet, oenologist and cellar master for the estate. A commitment to:  Reducing the use of vine protection products; when they are used, selecting those with the lowest levels of toxicity for both the environment and the user, ensuring improved management of treatment products.  Optimising soil fertility using compost to enrich the soil. Preserving the soil by avoiding erosion.