500 years of history

Joseph Mellot in 2014, a new century of family history 

For over 500 years, the name Mellot has been associated with the production of fine wines in Sancerre. Dating back to 1513, the Joseph Mellot family estate is today embracing the 21st century with the confidence gained from half a millennia of winemaking. Combining tradition and experience with insight and innovation, the Domain uses advances in science and technology to benefit the environment and improve the quality of its wines. Joseph Mellot was the first domain in the Central Loire Valley to obtain ISO 14001 certification and BRC A+ accreditation. Today all of its vineyards are cultivated according to the principles of sustainable agriculture.


Joseph Mellot, sole domain to own vineyards in all of the Central Loire Valley appellation areas

Our different vineyards cover all of the appellations of the Central Loire Valley, each producing their wines in-house. This enables us to offer our customers the opportunity to discover the range and complexity of wines produced in the Central Loire Valley, benefiting from the diversity of terroirs and the quintessential characteristics of their grape varieties.